If you are facing “Your AdSense Account Is Awaiting Approval” problem during google adsense approval then you are at right place because in this blog you will be told how you can solve it.

Whose reply you should get within 3-4 days or 10-15 days, but now it has been more than 1 month, you have not received any reply from AdSense. What is the reason for such a long review and how can you avoid it going forward?

Why Your AdSense Application Under Review for Long Time?

AdSense is the most popular ad network in the world and for a blogger it is the primary source of income. But getting Adsense approval on your blog is not so easy and not so difficult as new bloggers think.

If you do not follow the AdSense Guideline, then it is not possible to get approval for you. I have approved more than 10 AdSense accounts till now and using my experience I have written a post in which AdSense Approval Tips 2019 It has been told about this, you must read this post.

Many times your blog gets rejected by Adsense and sometimes your approval remains pending for a long time (no approval is received or rejected).

This is a very frustrating situation for a blogger, creating a blog is hard work and if you are not earning money from it then it demotivates you even more.

First let us understand why your blog remains pending for a long time?

As you can see in the screenshot there are 3 reasons due to which AdSense says that your blog remains under review/pending for a long time.

Your AdSense Application Under Review

So know when you apply blog to Adsense, what mistakes do you make and how can you avoid it.

? Whenever you apply your blog for Adsense, URL of your site But the right of your blog Domain Name add. Make sure that the URL does not contain any spelling errors and precedes the domain. www, http, https Do not use

Add your Domain to Adsense

? Next, copy the HTML code that is being given to you and paste it under the tag of your blog. You do not make any changes inside this code and paste this code in the same site that you have entered above.

AdSense Application Under Review

? Adsense itself says that the main reason for your blog to be in review for more days is traffic.
AdSense: We have found that in most of the cases when a publisher has to wait for a long time to be activated, it is because they have not put the code on the page which is getting regular traffic.

That is, after adding the code of Adsense you are getting under the of your blog, you must also add this code to any page/post on which more traffic is coming to your blog.

Although Adsense has never mentioned how much traffic is needed for AdSense approval on your blog, but if your blog has good traffic then it helps you a lot in approval. Otherwise your blog can go into long review for a long time.

Your AdSense account is awaiting approval

Your Adsense account is awaiting approval

If you use BlogSpot and you are also facing this problem, then you do not have to worry about it. Whether you are a WordPress user or BlogSpot user, if you have traffic in your blog, then your blog will not be in review / pending approval for long.

Always use Google Analytics to check how much traffic is coming to your blog. Because the page view shown to you in Blogger is not completely correct.

But if your blog has gone into long review, then still you do not need to worry. Continue the work like you are posting regularly and try to bring more traffic because once you have sent the application for approval then Adsense will definitely reply to you.

Apart from this, if you want, inside Adsense you will get a Feedback You are getting the option of getting the option, here you can write the problem you have in detail and send it to the team of Adsense.

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