Everyone wants to become rich in their life, but before becoming rich, do you think that what are the qualities of those who are rich, often people think that to be rich, they only have to work hard, although this is true but Along with that, it is also very important for you to know about their qualities so that you can become rich by bringing those qualities inside you.

In this blog, we are going to know about the same qualities which you can apply in your life to become rich.

The mind set of the people gives birth to its qualities. Let me start this article by giving you an example.

Both Rohit and Kamal were very good friends. After completing their MBA, both thought that now let’s take advantage of this qualification and earn money from it.

As soon as both of them think of making some plan together, then Rohit’s father gets transferred to another state. Now the two separate and are free to make their own decisions about their future.

Both of them get so lost in their own planning and life that they are not able to meet each other for five years.

Five years later, when Rohit was going to inaugurate a big event, he remembered his friend Kamal and called him to his Inauguration.

On the call of Rohit, Kamal reached his city and met him. Rohit was on his way to inaugurate a company whose posters were all over the city.

The two had a conversation at the opening ceremony and Kamal said to Rohit, “Wow man!!! Starting such a big company, by now you must have accumulated crores of rupees.

Rohit said, “No man! Till now not even a single rupee has been deposited. Was just engaged in this project for five years which is going to start as this company today.”

Kamal said with astonishment, “Have you not deposited any money till today i.e. for the whole 5 years. Look at me, there is a complete package of 25 lakhs and till now I have taken my house, car etc.

Rohit did not reply at that time. Exactly one year later, Rohit’s call comes to Kamal.

Kamal asks, “And Rohit! How’s the business going? My package has now become 30 lakhs.

Rohit said, “Business is going well. It’s been 6 years. Can’t it be that we both live together again?

Kamal said, “Yes it can happen. Aaja both will work together.”

Rohit smiled and said, “How can I leave my business. Do this, you only come here and get a job here in this city.

Kamal laughed out loud and said, “I have a package of 30 lakhs, who will give me that much money there?”

Then the phone gets disconnected and after a while a mail comes from Kamal’s E.Mail. Kamal reads that mail and his eyes are wide open.

Let me tell you that E.Mail was from Rohit’s company and his company had offered a job to Kamal at a package of 40 lakhs.

Friends, this story ends here but you must have understood what Kamal must have done now.

I have given you the example of two friends here. Both had similar qualifications, but due to different mindset of both, today one friend is the owner of a very big company and the other is working in the same company.

Here now let me tell you about that secret quality of Rohit which till date almost all rich person have adopted to become more successful and richer.

That’s the secret- TEM Investment Yes! This TEM investment only makes people rich, that too forever.

Let us know that-

What is this TEM investment?

When a person does Result Oriented Work by adopting TEM Investment with Long Term Proper Planning, then no one can stop him from becoming rich.

Here we can separate TEM investment into three parts-

2- Effort or Energy Investment (E)

In the story, Kamal chose to earn money immediately after MBA with a Poor Mindset and got a job. While Rohit used TEM investment to create a system that could give him high returns forever.

Let us understand this concept properly. The biggest difference between poor and rich mindset is that the person of poor mindset wants money or returns immediately in return for work.

Whereas a person of Rich Mindset gives importance to work and waits for money and returns till he starts getting huge amount. Don’t be

For this, a person of rich mindset resorts to TEM investment. That is, he invests the first three types of investments without rushing to earn.

For these three types of investment, he first makes long-term proper planning and then makes all three investments and then does result-oriented work until he gets the best result. To do all this, it is very important for any person to be self motivated.

Quality of Rich Person : Rich Person adopt this Method for be more Rich

It can be understood in this way. He works in these three steps-

1- First of all he does Long Term Proper Planning and adopts the best method to complete it.

2- He uses TEM investment and creates such a pipeline i.e. system, so that he can get a lot of money forever.

3- While preparing the system, he always does result oriented work so that positive results are sure to come. Best Quality of Rich Person to success

Three Steps of TEM Investment

Here we will now talk about TEM investment. This is the favorite investment of rich people. Rich people make three types of investments to create a new system or company-

1- Time investment

(Time Investment)

The investment of time is the biggest investment in today’s world. No work can be completed without time investment.

Now it comes to how and where do rich people invest their time?

You will have a mobile and it will have a sim. Suppose you have a Jio company SIM in your mobile and Jio company was started on 5th September 2016 for all the people.

But it must have been planned long ago. And Mukesh Ambani must have invested a lot of his time in this planning.

Without planning and time investment, it was not possible to come to us in such a good way.

But while investing time, Mukesh Ambani ji had zero earnings from this company and had invested time to build a better system.

2- investment of effort or energy

Effort or Energy Investment

No good system can be created even without effort investment. Mukesh Ambani ji must have invested a lot of his effort in making a system (Jio).

After many years of efforts, he was able to create a system that would earn him a lot of money for a lifetime.

For this they must have taken license from the government, installed towers, would have prepared a new technology in the form of 4G all over India etc. Then somewhere we could get the service of Jio.

This would not have been possible without the right efforts. Even at the time of these efforts, Mukesh Ambani’s income from Jio was zero.

3- Investment of money

(Money Investment)

No good system can be created without money investment. That thing is different that some people invest a lot of money and some less. But money investment is also very important in preparing the system.

Mukesh ji must have invested a lot of money in getting license from the government, in getting space for the tower, in bringing new technology like 4G.

Now it is important here also that while investing money, Mukesh ji’s income from this company was zero.

You must have noticed that when Mukesh ji was preparing the system of Jio company, time, effort and money were being invested.

All these three investments were being done with a long term proper planning and behind which Result Oriented Work was being done but at that time Mukesh Ambani’s income from Jio was zero.

This is the secret and quality of a rich mindset person. Through this quality of his, he prepares such a big pipe line of money which goes directly to his vault.

Whereas on the contrary, a poor mindset person neither invests much time nor effort and does not want to invest money without getting income.

He needs money today by working today or after working for a month, he needs money immediately after the month. That’s how his mindset works and whether the work is big or small, that’s how he works.

The best example of this is Kamal who wanted instant money and had to work for instant money.

While Rohit prepared a system. While preparing the system his income was zero but in 5 years he has prepared a pipeline of money which will give him a lot of money, success and fame throughout his life.

So what would you like to be? Rohit or Kamal? and yes! After the system is very big, you can work for bigger systems like Mukesh Ambani.

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