You people will be well aware that the people of different castes or religions live in our country India. Due to the presence of many castes, people from all castes were kept in different classes. If you also want to know in which category you fall, then you need to read this article completely.

From childhood to today we must have heard SC, ST and OBC often in school, in work form or everywhere and people know SC, ST and OBC but what is their full form? Not many people even know about this.

SC, ST & OBC Full Form

When you fill the form for a government job or any other form is filled, then your caste (caste) is also asked after you get to know your name there. This is done for the same reason that a reservation is arranged for all the castes for government job posts or on any new scheme run by the government, it is given to us according to our caste.

In this reservation, only people belonging to SC and ST category get maximum relaxation. So let us further know about all these caste classes in detail and also know the full name of all these castes.

SC Full Form

SC Ka Full Form: SC Ka Full Form Scheduled Castes It happens, in which caste people doing leather work and cleaning work have been included, you people will know the people of this caste only by the name of Dalit.

Most of the people in this caste are from poor families, and the people of which caste did not drink this water from the food prepared by the people of the earlier caste. SC Meaning In Hindi: We can also call SC caste as Scheduled Caste in Hindi.

How much reservation does SC get?

The percentage of reservation of all castes can be changed every 10 years, so at this very moment, a provision of 15% reservation has been made for scheduled castes in all educational institutions and government jobs. So now you people must have come to know that what percentage of reservation is available in SC or SC.

Which caste comes in SC?

A total of 17 castes are included within the Scheduled Castes, although there are some more such castes which were being applied to the government to be included in the Scheduled Castes, but so far this has not happened.

So written below are the 17 castes that come under Scheduled Castes:

  1. Kahar
  2. boat
  3. Sailor
  4. Nishad
  5. Potter
  6. Kashyap
  7. dot
  8. Creator
  9. fishman
  10. Filled
  11. Rajbhar
  12. slender
  13. batham
  14. Trumpet
  15. boatman
  16. fisherman
  17. Godia

That is, all those castes which have been included in the category of Scheduled Castes, let us now take similar information about the remaining castes.

ST Full Form

ST Ka Full Form: ST Ka Full Form Kiya Full Form Scheduled Tribes it occurs. ST Meaning In Hindi This caste is called Scheduled Tribe in Hindi. Those castes have been kept in the ST category, which are considered untouchables, these people did not live in a society like everyone else, they preferred to live alone in the forests. People of one caste are also called Adivasis, now you must have understood well that what is called Scheduled Tribe.

How much reservation do ST get?

A reservation has been fixed for the people included in the Scheduled Tribes category, which if you apply for any government job, then a reservation of 7.5% has been arranged for you.

Which caste comes in ST?

Perhaps you people will know that according to every state, different classes of castes are also placed in it, so what I have told you about the castes that come under the Scheduled Tribes is according to Uttar Pradesh.

  1. Bhangi (Muslim)
  2. Bhotia
  3. agree
  4. box
  5. Tharu
  6. Jonsari

So this is it, all the castes that come under the Scheduled Tribes.

OBC Full Form

OBC Ka Full Form: OBC Full Name Other Backward Class We also know it in Hindi by the name of Other Backward Classes. The people of the OBC class were farmers and were left behind in education and economic terms, this caste is considered above the scheduled caste. This is the most famous caste of our India, whose population will be about 42%, but according to that they get very little of reservation.

How much reservation do OBC get?

As we have just told that about 42% of the population in India belongs to the Other Backward Classes, so according to this, they do not get that much reservation. When you apply for a government job, there are separate reservations for all the castes, out of which only 27% reservation has been arranged for OBC or other backward caste people.

Which caste comes under OBC?

So as you people will know very well that OBC is such a class where people of many castes have been kept. So let us know how many castes are there in OBC, below we have written the names of all those castes which come under OBC or Other Backward Classes.

  1. Ahir (Yadav)
  2. Barwa, Bhat
  3. jangid, eats
  4. Bagaria
  5. Banjara, Baladia, Labana
  6. weight arm
  7. step
  8. Chhippa (hidden), Bhavsar
  9. Dakot, Deshantri, Rangasamy (Adbhopa)
  10. Damami, Nagarchi
  11. Inspector
  12. tailor
  13. Dhaakad
  14. Fishman, Gardener, Kir, Sailor, Mehra
  15. shepherd (shepherd), ghoshi
  16. Cart-blacksmith, Gadola
  17. Ghanchi
  18. Giri Gosain (Gusain)
  19. Gujjar, Gujjar
  20. hella
  21. Janwa, Sirvi.
  22. Jogi, Nath
  23. Julaha (Hindu & Muslim)
  24. raw, raw kushwaha
  25. Kalal (Tuck)
  26. kambi
  27. Kandera, Cage, Mansoori
  28. Kharol
  29. Kirar (Kirar)
  30. (A) (B) (A) Kumhar (Prajapati) (B) Kumavat
  31. Lakhera (Lakhara), Manihar
  32. Lodhi (Lodha, Lodh)
  33. Blacksmith, Panchal
  34. Maha-Brahmin (Achari)
  35. Mali Saini, Gardener
  36. Mer (Mehrat)
  37. Mirasi, Dhadi
  38. Mogia (Mogya)
  39. Nai, Sign, Bad Nai
  40. nyaria
  41. Patwa (Fadal)
  42. Raika, Rebari (Debasi)
  43. Rawat
  44. Saad, Swami
  45. Satia-Sindhi
  46. sikliger
  47. Sirkiwal
  48. goldsmith, goldsmith, sony
  49. Tamoli (Tamboli)
  50. telly
  51. Thathera, Kansara, Bharwa
  52. Sakka-Bhishti, Sakka-Bhishti
  53. Cobbler
  54. Rangrez, Nilgar
  55. chunagar
  56. Jats (except in the districts of Bharatpur and Dholpur)
  57. acquitted
  58. Fakir
  59. Butcher
  60. stitching
  61. Kalbi
  62. Bhatiara
  63. Rai-Sikh
  64. nuts
  65. Sindhi Muslim
  66. countryman

These are all the castes that come under the Other Backward Classes, by looking at your caste, you can find out which class you come under.

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