There are many such powerful people in our country who can completely change the country, but have you ever thought that how much is the salary of those people, but in this article we are going to know specifically that how much is the salary of top 8 powerful people of the country. And along with that what kind of facilities do they get, hope this topic will be very interesting for you, then definitely read the article till the end.

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Narendra Modi Salary

The Prime Minister of India is the most powerful person in our country, who manages the affairs of our country, is the main leader of the executive branch of India, the leader of the majority party of the Parliament is made the Prime Minister by the President. At present, the Prime Minister of India is Narendra Modi, who is not known, his salary is decided by the parliamentarians according to Article 75 of India, which changes from time to time. It is also being given that there has been no increase in salary after 2012, according to this, the Prime Minister is currently in 2022. of salary 1, 60000 (one lakh sixty thousand) rupees Now let’s see how it is given to Modiji.

  • Monthly basic salary – ( 50000 ) Rs.
  • Expenditure Allowance – ( 3,000 ) Rs.
  • Per day allowance – (2,000) Rs.62,000 per month
  • MP Allowance – ( 45,000 ) Rs.

All in all, our Prime Minister is given a salary of 1 lakh sixty thousand rupees, now you must be thinking that the payment of such a powerful person of India is just this, apart from the payment to the person who is handling the workload of the whole country and many more facilities. Which are given to them throughout their life till after leaving their post, which includes some kind of foreign travel, pension, security, place of residence, medical facility, 14 secretarial employees, office expenses etc. Let’s know to meet PM. What are the other facilities?

Other facilities

First of all, the security of the Prime Minister is very important, that’s why he gets the facility of SPG, who stays with him all the time, to protect him, along with this, he is given the Prime Minister’s residence free, all types of free travel which includes foreign travel. There are many facilities like team of doctors, food and drink, along with this, place of residence on retirement, free rail travel for 5 years, executive class air travel, free medical, office expenses up to 5 years as well as SPG Security is also provided.

President’s salary

According to the constitution, the first person of our country i.e. the President of our country, who is said to be the head of the three armies of our country, in whose name all the national work is done, it became a matter of discussion some time ago regarding his salary. While addressing a gathering, he talked about his salary, in which he told that “he is given 5 lakhs salary, in which tax up to 3 lakhs has to be paid, along with this he said that employees, teachers are paid more than me.” Since then, their payment has become a topic of discussion, so let’s know what are their salary, allowances,

Before 2017 the salary of the President was Rs 1.5000 lakh per month, which was increased in 2017 and it was increased to 5 lakh per month in which he does not have to pay any kind of tax, so was the President lying, it is not so. Due to Corona, many leaders had announced to donate 30% of their salary, due to this their 3 lakhs are deducted.

Along with this, his wife is given Rs 30,000 per month, apart from this, he is also given all the free facilities, in which he resides in the world’s largest Rashtrapati Bhavan till his tenure, where he gets all kinds of comforts for him and his family. This building is spread over 2, 00000 square feet with about 340 rooms, along with more than 200 employees, for which an amount of more than 22 million is spent annually.

Other facilities

The President and his wife can travel freely anywhere in the world, they are also given special arrangements to consider their holiday, along with this, special care is taken for their safety, in which security is along with them at the time of their travel. Along with this, 86 presidential security guards accompanying him in a custom build black Mercedes Benz vehicle, along with this, 60000 employee expenses with a pension of 1.5 lakhs with residence on his retirement, free air Travel and rail travel, landline mobile phone, police security, personal security along with other facilities are given to them throughout their life.

What is the salary of powerful people?

Mukesh Ambani salary

You all know that Mukesh Ambani, the richest man of India and Asia, is India’s largest businessman, chairman, managing director, and largest shareholder of the Reliance industry, whose company is included in the list of the most valuable companies in the world’s 500 companies. How much do they earn, their monthly income is Rs 52 crores, per day income is 300 crores per hour 12 crores is their salary. And according to their net worth Indian rupees are 9020 crores ( $ 90.2 billion ) as of 2022.

gautam adani salary of

The founder of the Indian billionaire Adani group, he is a self-made billionaire businessman, let us tell you that some time ago Gautam Adani has left behind Mukesh Ambani, which means that at present he has become the richest man in India and Asia, according to 2022, his net worth is 6 80 ( $ 91.50 billion) has reached lakh crores and their monthly salary is Rs 1,80,000 crores, along with their monthly income is more than 15 crores.

Falguni Nair Salary

You all must have heard the name of Nayka and must have known her very well, she is currently the richest self-made billionaire woman in India, she is the founder and CEO of Nayka, Nayka is a beauty and style retail company, her net worth is $ 6 5 billion and it has been included in the list of 20 richest people of the country. Talking about her salary, she earns 5 million annually.

Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das salary of

Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das is the governor from 2018 to the present, his term ended in 2021, but the Indian government has announced to extend his term till 2024, the money we get is signed by the RBI governor. Those whose signatures are on everyone’s salary, know how much salary they get, let us tell you that their monthly salary is Rs 2.87 lakh, apart from this, they are given other types of facilities, security by the government.

Chief Justice of India CJI salary of

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, which is currently Nutalapatil Venkataraman, who is appointed by the President of India, who is also called CJI, the powerful person of India who is the issue of the states or the government if there is any violation of our moral rights, then we They go to them where everyone goes for justice, let’s know how their monthly salary is, along with 280,000 lakhs per month, the Government of India provides security to the CJI.

azim premji salary of

Azim Premji comes among the powerful people of India, this Indian rich businessman, working for the good of the people, engineer is the chairman of Wipro, he has donated a large part of his earnings, he has given Azim Premji to promote education in India. A foundation has been established by the name of 2022, if we talk about their net worth, then it is $ 9 billion and their salary is more than 3000 crores and monthly income is more than 275 crores.

Final Words

You can tell us how did you feel knowing about the per month salary of these 8 powerful people of India, along with this, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post, then you can comment us, we will try our best to help you. . This is the salary of the most powerful people of the country and we hope you have liked this information and if you want information about someone else’s salary, then definitely give us information about it in the comments.

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