Friends, once again Jio remains a topic of discussion among everyone, sometimes Jio remains in the headlines for its 5G phones and sometimes its price. This time Jio has become a topic of discussion about its laptop, friends, the name of this laptop is being called JioBook, it is being said that it will be launched in India this year, the proof of this is that it is on the website of laptop (BSI). Seen which is a hardware certification website. Due to which it is becoming true that it can be launched in India this year itself. JioBook laptop Specifications & Price and Booking Date Will get information about what updates have come out related to.

Friends, you all know that by giving internet at a cheap price in India, Jio was dominated as soon as it was launched in India, since then Jio has launched more cheap products in India for Jio Mobile 4G and 5G in India. In preparation, Reliance Jio has always been bringing budget friendly products to India.

This time, understanding the problem of students, Jio has made preparations to launch budget friendly laptop for India, its news keeps getting leaked in the media. From there, a lot of information related to this laptop is also coming out, in which this information related to its price, specifications etc. is in front.

JioBook Laptop Specifications

Jio’s budget friendly laptop in the Indian market is going to be mostly beneficial for the students, friends tell you that there is a difference between laptop book and laptop, you must have heard the name of Chromebook, Microsoft Surface Laptop, they are called book not laptop because they are like laptops. They are not powerful and advanced, but they are easily available to you at a very low cost.

Those who do not do heavy laptop work, this can be the best laptop for them. The main target of these laptops are students who can carry it anywhere for their studies. So let’s know what specification you will get to see in JioBook.

JioBook Specifications In Hindi

Operating System, Processor & Memory, Display or Audio

A new leak is coming out in the market of JioBook, it has been covered by 91mobiles in its news. There are some ‘rumours’ coming in the market, according to them Emdoor Digital Technology Company is making it, it is a hardware manufacturer company of Shenzhen China. In Jiobook, we can come with ARM based Chipset, in this you can run the operating system of Windows 10.

Apart from this, it was told in another leak that in this you will probably get Mediatek MT8788 chipset and 2GB of RAM in which you can run Android 11 OS. Like the rest of the laptop book, it also has large bezels, along with it there will be no separate number key in the keyboard.

Another leak states that you will have a display of 1366×768 resolution and Snapdragon 665 SoC and 2GB of RAM and 32GB eMMC 5.1 storage and in the higher model, you can see 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC 5.1 storage and the basic of the laptop. With the feature Wi-Fi, 4G Bluetooth, HDMI ports, and JioMeet, JioStore, Microsoft Edge etc. Right now all these leaks have come in the market, now this laptop is in the phase of designing and development, then it will be known only when it comes in the market.

Operating SystemWindows 10 or Android 11
Screen Size1366×768 Pixel
ChipSetMediaTek MT8788 or Snapdragon 665 SoC
Storage32GB & 64GB eMMC 5.1
Connectivity4G LTE
audio Qualcomm Audio Clip
Apps JioStore, JioMeet, Jiopages, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams

What will be the Jio Book Price (Laptop)?

Talking about its price, no official announcement has been made yet. A lot of news related to this keeps on leaking and also Jio is well known for its affordable price, due to which its price can be between 8999 to 14999. Its official announcement will be given to you here.

Booking Date?

Friends, you can book it both online and offline on their official website. There has been no announcement for its booking yet, as soon as it is announced, you will be able to see updates on our blog here.


hope you JioBook Laptop Specifications & price and booking date You must have got all the information related to jio book, you will get to see all the updates related to jio book in TechYukti and also stay with us for such tech related updates, if you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then definitely tell us in the comment. .

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